Storytelling has been around for so long, it’s practically in our DNA!

For example, think about yesterday: how many stories did you share with your friends, spouse, or coworkers? Maybe it was about something that happened at work, during your lunch break or on the drive home. Whether it’s a quip or a tall tale, it’s a story.

Stories help us relay messages and, most importantly, develop connections and nurture relationships. And brands that strategically mix in storytelling with their advertising often see a huge ROI!

In fact, according to research by Headstream, 55 percent of people who love a brand’s story are more likely to buy the product in the future, while 44 percent will share the story and 15 percent will immediately buy the product.

The Approach of Brand Storytelling Content

Storytelling allows brands to share their core mission and values and engage with consumers on a much deeper level.

If you only had 30 seconds in front of a consumer, what do you want them to know and remember about you? For example, let’s say you’re an HVAC company that has been around for quite some time, but you’ve noticed new competitors entering the market.

Ultimately you want to reestablish awareness of being the go-to company that provides high-quality workmanship, reliable service, and excellent customer service.

That’s great— let’s turn your brand history and values into a story that showcases exactly that!

The Importance of Visual Storytelling

It’s no secret that modern consumers’ attention span has decreased. To make a connection, you must create content that immediately hooks and reels them in.

Quality visuals and sounds play a significant role in how your content connects. Imagine a commercial with low-quality video of an HVAC salesperson simply listing off services and products.

You might think, “Do people still air those?”

The answer, sadly, is yes!

Now flip the scenario — a commercial SHOWS the experience you would receive as you hear the company’s core values and how they’ve been connected to the community for years.

No sales pitch – just impactful images and sounds that draw you in and make you want to learn more.

Surprise! This is based on the true story of one of our clients, Hembree Heating & Air. After airing their new commercial, the company began receiving three times the volume of calls.

Telling their story authentically and meaningfully worked for Hembree, and it can work for your brand, too. Check out their commercial below and let us know what you think in the comments below!